Highlights of our program include:

A free range environment with access to the outdoors, clean shelter with wood shaving bedding and constant supply of fresh, clean water and feed.

Complement nature with balanced nutrition, based on corn and soybean, to obtain eggs with the right amount of nutrients. Our chickens are never fed low quality ingredients. We never use hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or additives of any kind.

Ongoing health prevention program, including strict biosecurity and vaccinations to ensure prevention and superior immunity to diseases. Our program produces hens and eggs free of salmonella enteritidis and other diseases as tested at UC system labs, under the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), a federal program run by the California Poultry Health Board.

Humane treatment of our chickens is of utmost importance and is observed by all members of our staff in every period of our chicken's life. Our hens are comfortable and well-cared for, which translates to better egg production and overall efficiency in our program.

Truly local, our farm is located only 10 miles from Davis and 25 miles from Sacramento. Our eggs do not travel far and are always fresh! Guaranteed 36 hours at the market from the time the egg is laid.